Carb parts from - recommended


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Good to see he's getting a positive bump-always seemed a good guy & lots of good stuff for sale at fair pricing. Still don't know why he was run off the forum.... (dunno)


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United Kingdom
I saw comments going back and forth a while ago,
just figured usual forum type stuff, i.e. not taking too much notice,
but he is very helpful and the all parts arrived next day,
anyways, if you need parts,give him a call.


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pf1 said:
He said he's banned from here. I don't think he is though.

If I recall correctly, I think he left of his own volition after some criticism and/or argument. I don't remember what the fuss was about though. I'm pretty sure he could re-join if he wanted to. Tempers have probably simmered down by now  ::)

John lord

He left , cos folk is down right nasty now and again , but thats folk ,and we are all in the same boat , but fantastic service nice bloke and keeps our Laverdas on the road , so use em or loose em , choice is -------------