Club Laverda NSW Brekky run to St Albans 10th September 2023


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Meet 8.15am for an 8.30 start 7/11 servo at Berowra. Going via Berowra Waters ferry, Webb's Creek ferry to the Settlers Arms pub at St Albans.
See you there.
Nice little run, 6 of us I think including a pillion. Bloody cold start at 6am with it at 5ishc. My big plan to do a longish test ride on the Atlas including some dirt roads went pretty well. Typically I arrived stupid early and the long wait had me go from comfortable to pretty uncomfortably cold. As this was probably my 3rd or 4th ride of any distance that included some fun tightish roads I was patiently hanging back and learning how to ride this bike. So just after the Berowra Ferry crossing we had people heading in different directions, It is a NSW club ride but really all major roads out there end up at Wisemans. The really tricky bit is there are 2 ferries at Wisemans, Webbs Creek Ferry has you doing the bitumen road and Wismans has you doing the dirt road, approx 40ks to St Albans Pub. Anyway that got sorted and everyone but me did the blacktop. The weather by then was perfect, coolish but with zero wind and bright sun. Luckily I only met 2 Arry Vatanin rally raid wannabes heading the other way using more than their share of the road, it's famous for these idiots out there Coffees and a soft drink plus warm Scones with strawberry jam and cream was a nice change. After the snack, everyone else went back the same way and I headed home the back way via St Arbans Common and the Great North Rd and The Old Rd. That's another 50ish ks of dirt plus the Wallambi Rd bit and Old Rd approx 130ks of great blacktop bike rd. All those distance measures are guesswork as my Speedo Drive died again. I am going to try and calculate it in total via Google Maps so I can do an MPG for the Atlas. I dropped into The Pie in the Sky to buy some lunch pies on the way home, Tom was right. It's a ZOO on a Sunday with more idiots revving the engines to dry destruction, Why would you think riding past the pie shop queue while redlining your bike was a good idea? Attention seekers about.