Club Laverda NSW Tour de Tasmania 2023

Chris, did John K ever get a refund when he didn't make it to the ferry? They don't miss with the cost on that. Bloody expensive boat ride.
Just trying to get your Tassie route into my head ...

Day 4:

Day 5:

You seem to be doing a bit of backtracking. There might be a better way to plan it without re-tracing some of the same roads.
I think the road to Lake Margaret is unsealed.

Day 6:

Oil change at Cam's place eh? That's a bit presumptuous. :)
It's a few months away, so that should just be enough time to tidy the shed up if I start now.
BTW Marty, I still have a 4-litre container of Penrite Enduro that you bought for a trip that didn't happen (because of Covid), so don't buy any more oil.
I also have an unopened 4-litre container of Penrite MC4ST mineral oil. I think I bought it for someone on that same trip that got cancelled but didn't ask them to pay for it because I'd use it myself eventually (which I haven't yet because I already had heaps of the stuff). So I think it's mine, but I'm not 100% sure. If my memory of events is incorrect and one of you guys did pay for it, please say so.
I checked with Penrite. Their engine oils have a shelf life of 5 years. The only thing that's likely to render them out of date is if a better oil has been developed in the meantime. I don't think Penrite has changed their motorcycle mineral oil specifications since they came out with Enduro.

Day 7:
There's so many options.
Even with your Southport destination there's a bunch of alternative routes.

The Strathgordon option:
From Bushy Park to Strathgordon, there's only one route there and back.
Between Hobart and Bushy Park there's a few alternative routes.

I may be able to join you on a day ride out of Hobart, but I dunno whether I'd take the Jota. My back and knees aren't so keen on the clip-ons and rear-sets these days. I would probably choose something more comfortable like the Benelli Tre-K or the Multistrada. Depends on the destination, and how I feel on the day I suppose.

Day 8:
St Marks? I assume that's a typo and you mean St Marys. I'm not aware of a St Marks in Tasmania.
A nice ride and the best route if the weather is looking at all dodgy from the west.

If any of you aren't feeling like doing the extra miles of the detour into Campbell Town, the route straight up the coast is pretty nice and you can meet up with the iron butt guys at the destination.
The detour into Campbell Town and back to the coast via Fingal is nice enough and the roads are good, but it doesn't really have a lot going for it compared to what you've already seen of Tassie. If it was my choice, I wouldn't bother.

Another option for those who like the twisties but don't wanna do the mileage of the Campbell Town detour, stay on the coast road at the Lake Leake turnoff, then do a detour to St Marys via Elephant Pass, then back down to meet the coast road again near Falmouth.
This is what I mean:

Your suggested alternative ...

It can get cold and miserable up on the plateau in bad weather. Even just in low cloud cover. But it's a brilliant route on a nice day. Excellent sealed road over the plateau, but almost devoid of traffic for some reason. Might be best to decide on the day which way to go, depending on weather.
I've added a side trip from Nunamara in case Vince wants to do the Mt. Barrow road.

I've heard that the Weldborough pub has changed hands and aint what it used to be. I'll do a bit more asking around on this and get back to you.
Pub in the Paddock at Pyengana might be a better option. Decent but reasonably priced accommodation (including camping). Excellent restaurant and Priscilla the pig who'll guzzle a stubby of beer in seconds.

Day 9:

Unless any of you have a reason to go into Launceston, I'd suggest you avoid it. It's just major highways and traffic.
Try this:

Also has the Mt. Barrow road opportunity.

Don't forget that if anything goes wrong, I'm available with a bike trailer to retrieve a busted bike and rider from anywhere, although it could take most of the day to get there if you're at the other end of the state from me. A few of you have my phone number.

Another option if you're in the Northern part of Tassie is Carolynn at Tasmanian Motorcycle Transport, 0401 160 144. She's based in Devonport and will do crash or breakdown recovery. She specialises in getting bikes across Bass Strait. Handy if you want to get a dead bike back to the North Island and you can't do what we did on the ferry last time with Chris's bike.

Hi Cam. John Kokany here. I think that bottle of Penrite Enduro you have maybe the one I bought but did not use when my bike stopped at Melbourne and did not proceed to Tassie. You asked me if I wanted it sent to me but I said keep it if you can use it. If that's the same one then yes I can use it on this coming trip. Cheers
Changing rego at the ferry is no issue as long as you booked. I have turned up in a vehicle totally different vehicle to the one booked. Just have some ID. If going from Hobart to Strathgorden, rather going down the boring Huon Highway to Huonville travel by the Channel Highway from Kingston to Huonville, slightly longer but has some of the best scenery along the foreshore.
Great to see the two twins in the group.
That's a big mob to control Marty, especially in the wilds of Victoria and Tassie.
I wish you all a safe journey and return in one piece. My missus has been watching some Aussie police ‘drama’ based in Tassie, lesbian lead and some foul-mouthed female detective from Darwin, I’m sure you all recognise the type, and they are ‘investigating’ a stack of murders in which the perpetrator cuts the tongue out of their victim antemortem. Ride safe and keep your mouth closed. 😉
Day 2 weather was perfect. Chris Pritt was a fail to proceed, sashe box failure. My starter solenoid failed, was a Honda one. New starting sequence is "interesting". Day 3 , Ride past Broadford track but no time to visit. Got well lost in Geelong, signage to the new ferry terminal is dismal.


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Lost looking for the Ferry, history repeats again. Maybe Cam might have a started solenoid you could borrow, probably thought of that. Text me if I can do stuff to help.
Re day 5, the B28 that takes you up towards Tullah, and then the Murchison Hwy (A10) back towards Queenstown is a great ride. Some people travel to Queenstown from here (Hobart) and spend multiple days just going up and down the B28. Little traffic, fast corners, plenty of vision. Enjoy.
A phone call to Dave would have been handy re your non attendance would’ve been handy. Dave spent a lot of time catering for you guys only to have you breeze past the track with no thought for the effort that he put in. Disappointed to put it mildly.
Got well lost in Geelong, signage to the new ferry terminal is dismal.
Perhaps you should have enlisted local knowledge
I mean Geelong is the southern dealerships back yard he knows every back road in the dam town
Did speak to Dave. All good. Stress levels are back down now, herded all the cats successfully on the boat. Feel sorry for Chris missing out, good excuse to come again.
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I've had a Sachse box die, luckily only 5 kays from home on a 200 km round trip ride. First the centre channel dropped out, turned around to ride home to exchange for the BM then about 1km from home the second channel dropped out. So had to get the trailer to recover. Now have a new spare stashed on the bike. Wouldn't go anywhere without a spare box now given the remoteness where I live.