Hi Adam, what actually happened to your backing plate, is it just missing or damaged? Is it the type with 1 arm and a rod ? I think front and rear are the same on the SF1, not sure.
Hi Marty - The Plate that that was on the Bike when I bought it had been repaired and not very well.
Where the cable screws in half of the boss had broken and had been welded up.
The whole is to big for the cable to screw into and has a lock nut on the cable which looks like shit and I don't trust the repair.
I have spent a lot of time on the bike and the plate is not just not good enough for the bike.
Cheers AdamIMG_1199.jpeg

2016-09-22 16.49.20.jpg
To start with, there's a nut and washer on the rod where there shouldn't be any...

Only the 2 lock nuts for the clevis are needed, that 3rd. nut definitely isn't.

Hi Piet - That Photo was how it was when I first bought it . I had everything re chromed and had the plate vapour blasted
I have already taken the third nut and washer off.
Cheers Adam
I broke a brake plate just like that by threading the cable and insisting.
A friend welded it up, drilled and tapped it.
You can't see a thing.
Get a competent welder on that brake plate.
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