Laverda 750 sf1 Wiring diagram


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I had some bad luck today and from unknow reason my electrical system shorted somewhere and fried most of my wiring. When i made new wireing loom 10 years ago i found some good wiring diagram on google but i can't find it anymore. So does somebody have wiring diagram for 750 Sf1 with ND instruments.

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Exactly what i needed thanks.

One more thing i have 4 fuses is it correct that one fuse is 16a and three are 8a?
are the pins that im pointing to connected i see solder on them ?

I have connection on first position between brown and red wire and on second key position i have connection between two red wires is this correct?
Does anybody have sf3 user manual is there scheme with ND switches?

Scheme from ebay has lucas switches and it’s not exactly the same
I can't find detailed schematics in them.

here if you go through photos you can see detailed schematics but not the whole picture.
It's not in the parts list, but you won't get anything more detailed than the Laverda factory diagram for the ND switches.