MGP2023 ‘Jurby Day’

Andy J

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Isle of Man
Mixture of races and parade laps at Jurby today, and Rune and I dodged the rain as best as possible to help entertain the crowds.
I was on the ex-Baines’ Racer and Rune on his 650 Formula.
We both had a fun time despite the weather not behaving itself.
I was in the combined Classic Superbike and twins race, which was fortunately held in some of the better conditions, and was pleased to knock 5 seconds off my qualifying time, but still too slow to challenge the front runners. At least things are moving in the right direction with the bike though.
Rune had 3 ‘parade’ sessions, the first two in dry, the third in damp conditions. He got a good mention by the commentator who complimented his riding.


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Watched the ITV4 second highlights programme last night on the Classic TT as they call it rather than the MGP.
I was on screen for about a nanosecond at the start of my race, and Rune and I for about the same amount of time from an onboard shot as we watched the Classic Superbike race. 🙂
However, ‘Keef’ McKay’s Jarama got a much bigger airing as the camera dwelt on his tank for several seconds. 👍