Old style Koni shocks overhaul


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I totally recommend Shaun Pickering for servicing Koni suspension. He has just given my old dial a rides a new lease of life. Apparently he used to work for Koni and when they stopped doing motorcycle shocks he took all the parts and stuff and set up on his own. He is knowledgable, helpful and his prices are reasonable.


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My restored Koni's are so good.They feel nice and safe and soak up the bumps so I hardly notice them. I am well aware that modern shocks have moved on and no doubt they are better still, but I am an old geezer and most of the time I ride like an old geezer so my Koni's suit my riding style just fine. I also like it that they have lasted all this time and are now as good as new. They were a good buy and have served me well. And look, it is still possible to get the little stickers, so now my Koni's look like new. Result !

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