Montjuic frame numbers and manufacture dates?

Hi my mk2 monty which i swaped in 1996 in England was frame was no 3466 or 3465 it says one on the one MOT and one on the other lovely little bike  :D if any one has this bike i have some of the old test certificates they can have for a bit of history.
Hi Bob,

My Alpino evidently is 3770.

Purchased in the UK and is now somewhere between there and Brisbane on a cargo cruise.

Listed as an 84 on the V5 and it still has tyres on it made in 86.  :eek:

I don't think its done too much.  :D

Hope the info helps your data base.



My Montjuic MK1 was imported from South Africa (from a private museum collection of bikes) in 2001 and went through the Bonhams auction at that October's Stafford show. The numbers are 2945. Manufactured 1980.
If anyone out there in forumland has any info about the part South Africa played in the Monty export story, I'd be glad to hear from you.

My mk 1 Monty is No. 2800 and was sold by LLoyd brothers in Hamilton in February 1980 for ?2,650 so
only 1 away from its current value.

Only kidding everyone knows they're priceless.
Thanks Stephen, and thanks to everybody else who has helped build the registry.  I've now got 101 machines on the registry [including the chassis numbers from JLOs site]. As soon as I get a free half day I'm going to freshen up and get some new stuff on there, including the registry.
bob said:

The earliest chassis number I've got on record, which is an Alpino, is 1028, delivered in '77 [outside UK]


FWIW, I used to own chassis 1011 - a UK bike. Pre-balance shaft 500. It occasionally crops up in "Montyized" form on the bay of fleas, but never sells.
Thanks Mike, I bet you don't see many SFC 500s out on the roads of Oregon! A few years ago I cycled from Seattle to Portland...
Bob -

My mk1 Monty is 79' & chassis 1991, reg'd pre - 1st Aug on a T plate, now with Mk2 bodywork.

Dad's Alpino is also 79' & is chassis 2175, reg. 6.8.79' on a V plate.
I'm still trying to decide what the best format is to publish on the website. Obviously the privacy of the people kind enough to submit information has to be the main consideration .  In the meantime the registry has already proved very valuable to help check the  provenance of the various F500s and Montjuics which come on the market from time to time and has already saved a couple of would be purchasers from making expensive mistakes. I'm very happy to make info within the registry available to the Laverda community but less inclined to release the information to the whole wide world with all the potential pitfalls that could entail.

Once the registry becomes more complete the info will be less sensitive. The problems with publishing an incomplete registry is that unscrupulous people can spot the gaps and either allocate the missing numbers to fake bikes or alternatively create a fabricated provenance for existing machines which aren't already on the list.