Rear shocks for SF1 - replace or clean up


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These are the rear shocks off the SF1 - looking pretty tired.

Anybody have views on cleaning up vs replacing - I think by the time the springs have been rechromed and all the other parts replaced or painted then it is probably not going to be worth it.

What are recommended replacement shocks - Hagon? - The bike is not super standard so I do not mind something different.

You'll benefit from a marked improvement in rear end compliance by going with a modern aftermarket replacement. What you choose will be totally dependent on how hard you push your bike, how comfortable you want it to be and how much you want to pay. Maxton in the UK do an excellent 'classic looking' replacement, totally specced to your requirements (weight, riding style etc). I'v e heard excellent reports. Others swear by Ikons or other brands I don't recall. If you're not rivet counting I'd shelve the Cerianis for a future owner (if you;'d ever dare sell your pride and joy!)
Ikon Chris. Aussie assembled, not so sure on Aussie made any more. Grahame did have an ikon failure on his SF2, but a very rare thing. Original ceriani way too hard. After the ikon there is a steep increase in $$$$$$.


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Icon Aprox is $700, then it's $1000 approx for a couple of others I forget the name of and then approx $1500 for lesser spec Race Tech and Nitons and then full spec of those 2 for Aprox $2400. It's grit your teeth close your eyes and spend, it does hurt.
No need for top spec suspenders on these ole dinosaurs…… plenty good sets to be had for under $1k ! YSS/Ikon/Gazi etc etc ,plenty to choose from👍
Ok, looks like it might be the Icons - thanks for the suggestions. I think Greg at DAM stocks them but his website is down for maintenance at the moment.

That failure was after the round Australia trip? Dont think I will be putting mine through that kind of stress.

Anyone have suggestions for frame painters and a rechroming shop in Sydney.
I have used these blokes, they do a lot of Insurance work and are pretty expensive.
After my rattle can work on my Pannier frames I did learn that getting full coverage on frames isn't easy. While your at it, steering head and swingarm bearings maybe. All the Chrome people I have used are now long gone, I think Brett has a handle on that.
Thanks Vince - swing arm bearings look ok - headset bearings not so much. Headset is the only thing left on the frame - struggling to get it off. Will go out an buy a 34mm socket and see if the rattle gun works on it (once I am allowed out again after the Covid Iso)
Will go out an buy a 34mm socket and see if the rattle gun works on it (once I am allowed out again after the Covid Iso)
Be careful with that. You need a thin spanner to hold the adjuster nut under the top triple clamp. The top nut through the clamp (held with the pinch bolt) is just a locknut for the adjuster, should not need a rattle gun.
Reckon Tippie has your issue resolved - it is necessary to slacken the allen headed pinch bolt to undo the top nut

...if you like permanent kidney damage! 😂
Looking at the diagrams again and it looks like that top nut should come undone once the pinch bold is removed (and it was). The top nut is is pretty bad shape and was up for replacement and the headset bearings need to be replaced anyway.
as I already have written, I am very fine with the Konis, if the Ikons are the same, I would recommend them. YSS which I also have are hard and sticky, not very comfortable, Oehlins are the best Kawa Z1300 spec.
Original SFC 1000 shocks were hard as diamonds
Hagons are cheap and cheerfull.
The original Ceriani are great shocks.
I have just had my second failure (rod snapping) with hagon shocks on my sf1. My first was with shocks that were fitted when I bought the bike so I gave them the benefit of the doubt as I did not know when they were fitted etc. As they had worked well before snapping I bought a new set and fitted them about 3 years ago and despite not having a great deal of use one of them snapped on the way to the laverda meet in the midlands (uk) yesterday. As I knew the history of these shocks (bought from new) I can’t say I would recommend anyone fitting them. Luckily Phil Todd removed a shock from his race bike so I could fit and get home. Much appreciated from a top guy. For background info I am not exactly huge (16.5 stone) and the shocks had never been used two up. I gave my weight when I purchased them so they were set up accordingly. I am pretty sure I have them fitted to my mirage (will check later) and if so I will be saving to replace them too as not exactly confident in using them.
I loved mine in 1975. Have you tried something a tad more modern, Paul? You need to have something to compare to.
I have Ikon on all apart from the SF2 where I fitted a pair of Koni I picked up.
The Koni are on the bench for a seal change, nothing unexpected.
I broke a rod on one pair of Ikon. I suspect that mounting a rack without using a spacer at the bottom to compensate was a contributing factor.
The Ikon on the 3C are burnt.
I have Hagon on my 98.
I've bought a pair of Fontana for the 3C.
Were I to buy new shocks now, I'd buy some Shock Factory. Very good quality, good price and French made. I have one on my 750 Aprilia and Corinne has a pair on her Triumph.
Only the SFC still has the Ceriani.

Tutto bene.