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I just had a quick look at the Speedo drive and the cable end at the wheel had rotated forward to the available free length of the cable. It has no lock stop to stop that from happening. Maybe it pulled the inner cable out of engagement, don't know as I haven't pulled it or the wheel to see I just added a cable tie to hold it at a good cable approach angle to the drive, It needs a test ride around the block and I am not wasting another log book day for that
It's mostly great, yearly rego is a pittance compared to proper rego. It's $55 compared to probably $700 a year. The scheme allows 60 days of use beyond the club events but you must log that day's use in your book. If your are caught with it unlogged you are classed as Unregistered and that's a $900 fine. My gripe is the original scheme didn't have log books, it allowed a thing called a maintenance ride that could be done to 50ks from home. When the new scheme version with log books arrived that Maintenance Ride was dropped for who knows what reason. It wouldn't affect most unless like me you live in a spot where its very possible an unlogged quick lap of the block can involve an unpleasant encounter with the authorities and it actually did once, I was very lucky to avoid said $900 fine so that's not happening again. What I do find hysterical funny is the absolute support of the removal of the maintenance ride thing from some. What was absolutely fine back then is like Mother Rape now for again some odd reason, just because, I was told. You just cannot argue with JUST BECAUSE.
It's for Historic Rego for Machines 25 years old and older and managed by clubs that are certified by the rego bunch in Government. What annoys me we had that maintenance thing and gave it away when the new scheme arrived. BTW the last time I mentioned this change there were quite a few who didn't realise that the maintenance rule was gone, e.g. ok at one point, Forboden now. An addendum to that was a conversation where I was saying how I used to do a maintenance ride the day before a club ride to get fuel and make sure the bike was going well and I really missed doing that. The reply floored me, I was told getting fuel was not considered maintenance. It was getting silly fast, My reply to that was if I checked the air in the tyres at the Petrol Station when getting fuel, did that then comply? It's this nitty gritty stuff I cannot believe. Some people scare me.
It's nearly midnight and I just got back after a one hour run to do more work on my jetting with air filters. In Vic you're apparently allowed to run the bike within 200m of your garaged address. My neighbours would love that! So rather than risk it i used up a day of my 45 (can buy another 45 if I run out in the year). Filling in the log book for one hour doesn't thrill me but I'm still glad we have the Club Permit system in place. I reckon a 2km from home maintenance allowance would be great. Not gonna happen though.
Even 200m would be reasonable just to see if the motor goes and you get gears, 2ks around my house would get me well past the local petrol station. 45 days x 2 also sounds reasonable as well. I couldn't get anything reasonable in my conversation with one club committee bloke, and no it wasn't the usual bloke who is great to deal with. Apparently, I few of these RULES vary and depend on what the club asks for or is incorporated under, but not sure about that though, might be a Vic or NSW thing. BTW I was talking to a mate who has Jag vintage cars and he was saying one of his club members who is a KC, used to be QC negotiated the original deal for club rego with the Government Office responsible. I wouldn't recommend him for any big legal case if he gave away those maintenance runs.
Queensland does not have a logbook system thankfully. We have unlimited testing of 30km radius from where the vehicle is garaged or from where a repair is being carried out. We also have the added bonus of posting an "impromptu ride" on our club Facebook page. As long as you invite the members of the club to attend, the Government recognises this as an official club ride. So effectively you can go anywhere any time you like.
We had similar to Queensland before The Log Book thing in the Original NSW Classic Rego Scheme. Originally It had any Club ridings including other bike club rides affiliated with your club. So my club was affiliated with the NSW Ducati Club and 3 or 4 others. And There was that Maintenance Ride from memory 50ks around your house. Some say 15 but I remember 50. And then we had this thing called an Extended Maintenance Ride, you could email or text the Club Registrar and say you needed to do some testing that needed a long ride and away you went. It was a bit in the gray zone but I took advantage lots of times and never heard anyone having a problem. When the Log Book thing started you could do either scheme and for a good while lots assumed maintenance rides were still okay. That's why Its just so jarring that it isn't. Good one-day Forboden the next and as I said where is the harm? Am I expected to believe some public servant sitting at a desk decided 60 days with a log book entry to tickity boo but a lap of your block must be outlawed for the good of society. Makes no sense. And the few times I have raised it I am told Its a rule, the end. And occasionally they also say where will it end, there must be limits. Just accept it from our benine benefactors. So stupid
I am perplexed as to what is causing that Grouch sound when the rear suspension drops down. I had to move the rear wheel a fair bit forward to get chain slack when the rear wheel finally cleared the huge rear muffler. What's annoying is the tyre is definitely still hitting something before the shock bottoms but I cannot find any witness marks on the underguard parts or the tyre. It happens occasionally with just me on it but way more often with me and the very overloaded panniers. Who wants to do a trip with that happening constantly? So I covered everything that could possibly be touching with masking tape and will load up with the panniers for another short lap of the block AND ANOTHER BLOODY LOG BOOK DAY WASTED on a 200m ride.
Seeing as the obvious has become unaparent with the lack of witnessing, do you think you should look a little deeper into the mechanical functions of the rear end, or the gearbox for that matter, maybe a fucked bearing somewhere…
Your on to it Cosi (y) Probably the spring binding.......... lather it in wd/40 or similar and take it over some whoops Vince.
Grease the swingarm pivot etc etc......
It happens when I hit a big bump with just me on it, speed humps with some speed but with the overloaded panniers as well all it takes is aggressively opening the throttle enough to squat the rear end. It really sounds like tyre contact, I will do that Marsking tape test tomorrow and confirm it once and for all. The very first ride I did before shimming the muffler over or increasing the shock preload had the bike making this sound tipping into its first suburban 90-degree bend. It was absolutely chronic back then and now it's way less evident. But it's still annoying. BTW I cannot grease the swingarm or the shock links, The Atlas Owners Site BTW still disappeared from the web was saying the swingarm bearing and link bushers are made out of some high-tech multilayer self-lubing bearing material made in Germany that is destroyed by adding grease. That's a first for me, but that's what they reported. There is no play in these bushes and it all moves in a nice plush way. I will have a look at the shock spring with me and the panniers fitted. I am pretty sure it's not coil-bound. With some luck, there will be some damage to that marking tape from tyre impact after a short ride tomorrow.
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Still haven't done the tyre rubbing test as I had another Eye Hospital visit today but I have a cunning plan to kill 2 birds with one crushed stone. A lot of that masking tape is on the muffler so this test needs to be quick before it either catches fire or falls off with the heat. So the plan involves loading the bike to the max and riding it across my yard and hoping that caused enough tyre rub on the marking tape to see and fix the issue. The load will be me plus the 2 panniers they weigh approximately 17kg and I will add 2/ 20kg bags of crushed granite on the rear rack. That will make approx 60kg or a lightish pillion. The crushed granite will be put against the driveway crossing allowing my pretty low 3c to get across the driveway concrete gutter without scraping its collector box. That's the plan.
Thats the plan, or was till ringing around I found its a 40-minute drive to a Bunnings that actually has it in stock.
It's just 2 of the smaller bags, reduced by I think law. Too many people were blowing out their backs with the old 40kg bags of product so they now have half that weight. The 2 local Bunnings don't have stock, but the one near Marty's place does, BTW that includes 3 road toles I need to pay to get there, access to the Northen Wahreingh Freeway ramp, 20 mitres of road with a separate tole, the same Freeway is another tole and The Lane Cove tunnel tole. That's probably close to $10 each way in toles. It's either that or well more than an hour and a half on toll-free roads each way.