Atlas Questions

My MkII Atlas does not have that black metal 'thing'. It looks home made, and the mudguard has been hacked.

Edit: Vince, your black metal think will be related to the battery (it sits directly in front of the mudguard), enabling a larger battery??


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Bet that's exactly right. Hope I can move the battery forward and maybe get another plastic guard to replace the hacked one. I remember the battery tray has an odd kind of mount that can be unbolted from the frame. The bigger battery that's fitted was not easy to remove.
Quote from a while back.
My battery is way tighter than that pic Andy. It's super close to the air box at the front and a frame rail at the rear and touching the frame at the top. It's stilling on a battery plate that includes a 15mm lip the battery is behind so that needs unbolting and removing. It's crazy tight. I tried removing it today, maybe if I move the exhaust clamp on its mid joint and remove the plate it sits on and covers the bottom edge it MIGHT wiggle out but Its wedged right in there. BTW it got an Italian tune today, I warmed it up after finishing the airbox hole cover and gave it a good flogging, it ran cleanly after a minute or two of hard blipping, apparently no idle jet-blocking effect.
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I gave up trying to pull the battery back then. It must be capable of being removed but gees it is tight, it is 50mm longer front to back, and 70mm taller than the standard battery. I like having a much bigger and stronger battery but not if it blocks the rear suspension travel by at least 50mm. Maybe I can use this battery in the Pantah and get the correct smaller one for the Atlas. And then It needs the guard to be replaced or patched somehow.